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Peace is the Piece

Losing a friend recently has left me truly sad, a deep sadness I didn’t anticipate. Nerine was kind and confident and she befriended me when I was new to Johannesburg during my time at varsity. We met at church and there our friendship grew. She included me, when she didn’t have to, as she had


The Year of Unexpecteds’

Life can hit you with a few waves, like you’re out swimming where the waves are at their peak, first crash over your head, you pop up for a breath of air, then another, the intervals get shorter and shorter – until you’re gasping for just one breath. They just keep coming and the tide


The Strength to Endure

I’m sitting on my bed as I type this. The last few weeks and days in particular have tried and tested me and stung me with pain. My reserves are low and my heart shrinks back when this happens. My time in China so far has been trying, but so very rewarding. Pastures in the


The Newness in Me

  This morning after arriving at work, I sat for a few minutes in my car looking at one of the trees throwing out its leaves to the wind. The dead leaves leave to make room for the new leaves to sprout forth. How important is this in our own lives, but we forget it


Longing for Rest

This year has begun with a busy burst. Work has been manic – and me near burnout as December was definitely not a season of rest and holidaying (the life of retail). I have been sitting with stomach knots and anxiety and all I want is REST. Finally I had a few days ‘rest’ ,

inner beauty

Inner beauty: Cultivating a canvas that gives light to others

Work of art I am sure most of you have heard the phrase “work of art”. Have you ever thought of yourself as this? That you have been created as a beautiful piece of art? The essence of which comes from your inner beauty that radiates out for the world to see. It seems like

Her Journey Life Coaching

What is life-coaching about? (And how it helped me…)

About 2 years ago, before I ventured into life-coaching, I was unfamiliar with what coaching was all about. I mean isn’t it like counselling or going to see a psychologist?! I even thought I’d do a counselling course to add to my life-coaching course, as a way of enhancing it but then I discovered it’s


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Discover the true value and significance that already exists within you. Restore and align your thoughts with who God says you are.

Find freedom from the fear and self-doubt that is holding you back, and gain the confidence you long for.

Your Mission is not just your day-job, but your life's-work. Discover deeper meaning in your life through value, purpose and goals.

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