Every Journey has a beginning


Hello, my name is  Kirsty,

I am a child of God. A 30-something Durbanite. Daughter and friend.

I love travel, outings to new cafes, sunsets, simplicity, life-inspiring books, the beauty of an open wheat field and the full feeling of contentment.

I love encouraging women to see themselves for who they are and celebrating with them as they live out their true potential.

I am a proud South African Woman and Wholeness Coach.

My name is Kirsty and this is my story.

My Story

A large part of my life's purpose is to help women from all walks of life identify their true worth, and live in freedom from the destructive and life-controlling beliefs we often have about ourselves. How often have you told yourself (or thought) that you're not good enough, beautiful enough or strong enough, or that you're TOO much. And how often have those thoughts held you back from living the life you want.

I would often spend days "pretending" to have it all together on the outside, but inside I was secretly judging myself, and replaying these thoughts over and over again. I would compare myself to those around me and always felt like I came off second-best. I was never as confident or thin enough, and I constantly felt like I'd never meet the "standard". I also often felt alone and an outsider, even in the company of others. Compliments from friends would often fall on deaf ears as I'd find it difficult to accept these truths.

Thankfully, these days I have a more positive story to tell. I'm far from being perfect, and often still struggle with these thoughts and feelings, but I have come a long way to now identifying them and reminding myself that it's just- not -true. The beauty of my journey is that I discover new, life-giving ways to live with fullness, centered on who God says I am and not what the world labels me as.

I'm here to help YOU see that you are beautiful and brave, that you are filled with potential and power and that you are here for a reason!

I want to invite you into your own journey and experience the freedom and joy it offers – a rare and special gift.

What I believe

The following beliefs form the foundation of Her Journey, and why it exists. They are values I hold dear as an individual, and want to live these out through Her Journey coaching with my clients and colleagues.

I believe that God has made us complete and free in Him

God shows us loving-kindness. He has placed eternity in our hearts and longs to see His daughters live free. He asks to be a part of your journey.

2 Cor 3:17 - “where the spirit of the Lord is , there is freedom”

Col 2:10 - "and in Christ you have been brought to fullness..."


I believe we all need a safe place to share

I invite women into a space of love and acceptance, and surround them with support and kindness.


I believe in doing what's right

I focus on the heart of the matter and work in a way that’s right for you. Although I follow the 3 programs I have designed and offer, they are customised to meet you where you are, in your current stage of life.


I believe in Humility

Her Journey exists to serve my clients and empower them through encouragement, support, and empathy. We’re all in this together and accepted for who we are.


I believe we're all on a journey

Your life is a story. I believe in the value of the process and celebrating every milestone, rather than focusing on the final chapter.


I believe we're made for freedom

I see freedom as a tangible way of being and living. I love to see women live out their true selves with confidence and purpose.

What is YOUR Story?

Her Journey offers 3 coaching packages that have been specifically put together to help you discover your own journey to Wholeness, Confidence and your Mission in life.

If this is something you feel may help you discover direction, meaning and confidence in your current stage of life, please get hold of me via email: kirsty@herjourney.co.za or contact me via the form below.



Discover the true value and significance that already exists within you. Restore and align your thoughts with who God says you are.

Find freedom from the fear and self-doubt that is holding you back, and gain the confidence you long for.

Your Mission is not just your day-job, but your life's-work. Discover deeper meaning in your life through value, purpose and goals.

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