The Year of Unexpecteds’

Life can hit you with a few waves, like you’re out swimming where the waves are at their peak, first crash over your head, you pop up for a breath of air, then another, the intervals get shorter and shorter – until you’re gasping for just one breath. They just keep coming and the tide keeps rising and that final wave hits you to the ocean floor in a tumble. You’re disoriented, water and sand up your nose and in your eyes. I am sure some of you can relate to this, when the hits come in life. You experience a change, and in my case and yours, Covid appears. Geographically, you are displaced, you suffer loss, you lose a job, or maybe you can’t get out of bed because the thought cripples you. This year has brought with it severe uncertainty and pain, anxiety and strain. For me, it’s been a haltering stop at every speed hump in the road. There were certain things I never saw coming and maybe that was because hope over took my heart. Hope is the rare currency that can keep us riding those waves and bouncing over those humps.

Homebound and thinking

I have been in South Africa for over 4 months due to Covid restrictions and border closures, here and in China (where I teach). I miss my kids so much, the laughs, the hugs, the few English words spoken to me, the noise of play and me acting like a kid. Without the travel and many holidays and savings, it brings you down to solid ground. I am grateful for the many adventures, but it’s more of a reality of how life can change in a moment and leave an imprint of feelings and memories on your heart – the good, the difficult, the people you used to see everyday that you may never see again. A season and a reason. Oh, but God knows it all. For that I am grateful, because right now, I’m in a whirlwind, trying to gain balance and focus on the here and now.

What I’ve realised

-Boy, does life uproot you in ways that you never thought would happen.

-A virus has power – to disrupt the entire world !!

-Moments are temporary, memories are forever.

-Family is a blessing – I have had time at home that I would never normally have had.

-Friends are friends through it all.

-Money helps, but all relationships are above it.

-This too shall pass.

-I don’t hold time, God does.

-There are unseen protections everywhere, if i choose to see them.

-Somethings are simply out of my control.

-Trusting that this time is necessary, and trusting in a way I cannot understand, but holding onto that small seed.

It may be the year that changes everything…

Let’s reach out to one another, offer time, love and support through a phone call, walk or coffee meet-up.

I would love to connect – What has this year looked like for you ?

You can private mail me at or leave your message in the comments if you feel comfortable to share (Each mail received is treated with complete confidentiality).

Sending hugs and love


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